Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chowder Hat

Occasionally CN does something right. Hard to believe, I know. While they never seem to make any noticeable consumer merchandise for their shows (except Ben 10), they have a great in-house department that makes awesome premiums. Unfortunately they're only available to employees. It's good for the employees but bad for the fans. This stuff should be sold in stores, but that's not up to me, and it may be discussed in a future post titled "Cartoon Network: We Don't Like Money."

In honor of Chowder, they've made these incredible hats. Seeing all my friends from the Atlanta office wearing them made me truly happy. Since I've been getting so many bad feelings from Atlanta recently, this little ray of sunshine really helped. They even got one on Dracula, and we all know Dracula don't like wearing no goofy hats!

*Sorry, I can't get you a hat. They were given to employees. Write to CN if you think they should sell them. Pester them incessantly. And ask about the cool Fred Fredburger dolls, too.