Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Chowder this Week!

Friday night at 7pm Pacific. Our time slot has officially changed (for some unknown reason, they changed us just 2 months into our run). The first story in this week's show, called The Puckerberry Overlords, was boarded by Billy & Mandy creator Maxwell Atoms! Chowder gets sucked into his own mouth when he eats a super sour fruit and must fight for freedom. It's a bit darker and weirder than the usual stories. I hope you dig it!

In the second story, The Elemelons, we get some special Truffles time. Truffles' temper gets her locked in a cage with some unruly fruit beasts, and the only way out is to discover her softer side. I see a theme in this week's show - being trapped! This half-hour should be the first of 5 new episodes in a row, taking us to our initial run of 13 half-hours. Season 1 was extended to 20 half-hours, so there'll be plenty more to come.