Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Let the New Chowders Begin!!

I hope you're all ready for new episodes, because starting this Thursday night, you're going to get two whole months of weekly new episodes! Spread the word and help us get good ratings so we can keep making more! We're still at 8pm Pacific/Eastern. And hang around right after for CN's new animated comedy show, Flapjack.

Plus, the network will finally start airing the puppet segments over the credits! (Not on premiere nights, but in repeats.)

And for those who wonder why the new episodes are being billed as "Second Season," I think that's really more of a promotion thing since there's been such a big break from our first run until this one. The real seasons are every 20 half-hours we produce. Currently we're in the middle of season 2 production.

I'm also told that there's work happening on Chowder DVD's. Stay tuned for more.