Friday, August 07, 2009


A while back we were working on a one-hour Chowder special. I was a little worried we wouldn't be able to pull off a movie on a tight tv schedule, and I was right. So we shelved it. Maybe with a little more time it could have gotten it there.

The basic story is about Chowder finding an enchanted map that leads to Pie Land, and more importantly to Gravy Jones' lost treasure: the ultimate gravy recipe. Panini and Endive have the other half of the map, and of course only true love can unite the two halves of the map to show the location of the treasure. There was even a big kiss between the two kids in the action-packed finale.

This character was the leader of a group of beach bum rats, the Pie Rats (we love bad puns on this show). He was based off Matthew McConaughey. We were even hoping to get him to to do the voice. Picanahey wants the gravy recipe for himself since he's heard it has amazing tanning properties - his goal in life is to have the best tan in the world. Picanha is a type of Brazilian bbq.