Monday, March 30, 2009

Chowder Returns This Week!

Thursday night will premiere a new episode titled "The Party Cruise." Mung just wants to go fishing but ends up on a cruise ship piloted by Reuben. It was boarded by Chris Reccardi and William Reiss.

You might have seen the press releases of the new shows coming to Cartoon Network. There's a big shift in what this network will be next year, and we don't know if we'll still be a part of it. There will be new Chowders airing until the end of the year, but right now we're winding down production. People get laid off starting at the end of next week. We could still be picked up, but it would be hard to reassemble the crew in its current form. If this really is the end, then it's been a good run and we've had a lot of fun. I hope you all continue to enjoy the show.

EDIT: This will be the only week with a new Chowder episode until June. We'll be back soon with lots of goodness.