Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic Con Roundup

(Pendleton Ward, Thurop van Orman, and me with no beard)

The CN panel and signing went great. While we weren't really allowed to talk about what's been going on here or what our future is, we had a great time connecting with the fans. I saw some familiar faces from past cons and met some awesome people who made incredible Chowder costumes. It was also exciting to see all the enthusiasm for Flapjack and Adventure Time as well. There's still love out there for silly cartoons!

I'm not one to usually go to panels (I like just walking the floor and looking at the people and stuff for sale), but I knew I'd regret it terribly if I didn't see the Mighty Boosh panel. And man, it didn't disappoint. Those guys were a little taken back by the fan love. I think the girl screaming was topped only by the Twilight panel. Plus I got to sit up front in the VIP chairs! Working at CN finally pays off!!