Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comicon Time!

Well it's summer and that means one thing - ANTS!!! We've got them swarming in the house. So I suppose the only thing I can do is head down to San Diego to escape. Lucky for me Comicon is happening this weekend.

If you're down there, be sure to come to the Twilight panel. I hear Robert Pattinson will be on it!!! He's so dreamy!!! Oh and if you can't get in to that, then come to the Cartoon Network comedy cartoon panel. You'll see myself, Thurop VanOrman (creator of Flapjack), and Pendleton Ward (creator of Adventure Time), along with various actors and writers of said shows. It should be fun for all! And there'll be a signing afterwards. But since CN didn't want to pay for a booth this year, they're doing some weird raffle for the signing line. Apparently you have to be there Thursday morning to get tickets to go to the signing since we have limited time and space. I dunno. It's all so confusing.

CN comedy animation panel
Room 6-A
Thursday 4:15
Signing afterwards

**Double check your guidebook to make sure this is all correct!

See you there!