Thursday, June 09, 2011

Where's the body?

I'm getting more used to Sketchbook Pro. This doodle is kind of different for me, but not really. I've drawn lots of surly-looking superhero types over the years. Because I'm lazy and untrained, I can't do much beyond the head. Plus my costumes suck. Hell, all the characters in my first cartoon strip were just disembodied heads and hands. That should've been a sign I needed to work harder.

This is why I always tell aspiring artists to not be like me - draw your ass off and get good at everything. Don't limit yourself to a particular style or theme. Hone those basics and you'll be able to draw anything your mind imagines. I get really frustrated because I often hit the wall of my drawing ability. Luckily I like storytelling more than I like pure drawing. Doodling is a fun outlet, but when I have to do a drawing for real, I get terribly self-comscious about it. That's why I'll probably never be a fine artist. Drawing has always been a way for me to tell a joke or bring a character to life.

Luckily I've been able to work with people who can draw much better than me. It keeps me humble about my skills.