Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dacker the Tracker

You woke up in a pile of dirty clothes and puke. Someone shaved a smiley face in your pubes. Grandma! The last thing you remember about last night was playing strip Mancala with the old bitch. It looks like she slipped you something and ran off with your last twenty credits. But not before she pissed in your mouth. Always with the mouth pissing. At least she's consistent.

Given her head start, she could be anywhere in the Craplands. But it's too dangerous to go out there alone. You learned that the last time.

There are only five people who can find her.

The other four are previously booked.

Looks like it's time to hire Dacker. He charges more than you like and he smells like cabbage farts. But what choice do you have?

Just be prepared - he may find more than what you were looking for.