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This is an unused panel I drew of Kasha, one of the mahjongg ladies from the previous post. For some reason the word "hoary" comes to mind.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mahjongg Ladies

In the Chowder board I'm currently working on, a group of ladies come over for their weekly mahjongg match with Truffles. This is a pan I drew of them all around the table. Truffles will be in the foreground.


I've recently finished my Chowder pilot. Cartoon Network requires me to make two more "development" storyboards before they can decide if it should be a series. "Development" means a full storyboard but at a lower pay rate than my day job. The only people they don't seem to require this from are those who are famous but have no animation experience, which usually means you'd get a series pickup with no pilot or animatic or script or finshed character designs. Makes sense.

So I'm almost finished with board one of two. This is an unused panel where Chowder is drooling over the thought of some food. I chucked it because I liked it better when he's not smiling.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fred Fredburger T-Shirt

I was asked to design a shirt for this year's Comic-Con featuring Fred Fredburger, a guest character that I voice on Billy & Mandy.

These are the three designs I made.

The winner is the last one, with him repeating his name over and over. Be sure to pick it up in San Diego this July! They'll be giving them away at the Cartoon Network booth.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Goodbye to Geri

This is queen receptionist Geri Kelly's last week at Cartoon Network before she answers the seductive call of retirement in the desert. I was asked to draw a picture of her in clown regalia on a golf course for a goodbye card. I'm not terribly good at flattering caricatures; somehow I always imagine my drawings making people cry. (I did my best, Geri.)

Alan Bodner is painting the final version of this sketch. I hope he keeps the ashes on the boobs. Be sure to say goodbye if you know her: gerikellyca @ She'd really appreciate it.

We'll all miss you, Highpockets.

Friday, May 05, 2006


One of my big obsessions of the past year has been the game World of Warcraft. So Ms. Burgerlog herself drew me this. Check out the rest of her terrific turds at

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